Product Analyst

Product analysts are business professionals who help companies decide on which products and launch strategies are likely to result in long-term financial gain. They engage in market research, customer polling and help choose new products that fill a need and demand in the market.


We are looking for a motivated and energetic product analyst to assist us in recommending the best IT products from India and launch strategies to increase company profitability.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Economics, Mathematics, or any related field.
  • Previous product analysis experience.
  • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint) is preferred.
  • Proficient in database software.

Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities

  • The Product Analyst responsibilities include working closely with different departments within the company, analyzing product data to make product recommendations, interviewing customers to receive customer feedback, and compiling product data.
  • You should be able to study products on the market in order to create a better product.
  • To be successful as a Product Analyst, you should be able to monitor product performance on the market to meet or exceed sales forecasts.
  • A top-performing Product Analyst is able to ensure that product costs remain within company budgets.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • The ability to work under pressure and adapt to change.
  • The ability to balance customer needs against the company’s vision.
  • Excellent time management skills.

Essential functions

  • Evaluate the company products and compare them against industry trends.
  • Develop an understanding of company products to meet the company’s current and future needs.
  • Provide assistance with product and rating reviews.
  • Develop and oversee small to medium scale projects.
  • Analyze metrics to continually improve company products.
  • Maintain the update on all e-Commerce platforms.
  • Contribute to company operations, such as costing, inventory control, planning, and budgeting.
  • Assist the company in achieving short and long-term goals relating to product growth.
  • Work with other company departments to improve the analysis and presentation of products.
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