The biggest medical systems in the future are not going to own hospitals. They will be composed of devices that are going to monitor millions of patients simultaneously which will have the ability to look for signs of emerging cancer not to treat, to rather prevent it from ever occurring. With the increase in competition, it is equally essential for the companies to have data security, ultimately pushing healthcare providers to look for innovative ways for success. We at Tronologix, partner with healthcare providers and organizations to help them to gain their momentum with a balance of costs and improved efficiencies, including online pharmacies that offer non-medical supplies such as Back office management, Supply chain management, and Sales and marketing. Our services range comprises of Medical Billing, Medical Transcription, Finance & Accounts services, claims management, Integrated front-end services back-office operations, Analytics and Fraud Management.

Media and Entertainment

Researchers say that consumers spend hours searching for content! This would means that they do not know where to go and find the best content. With the ever-changing interests among users, and with too many options available, it is our objective to help our clients rank among the favorites by the creation of heightened operating efficiencies. We provide BPO services with business-focused consulting that will aid to boost your returns while helping you spend the minimum on operations cost. Our exclusive services offered are built on the M&E domain and consist of Campaign management, Social Media Analytics, SEO Services Ad Search Marketing and Digital Ad Operations.

Financial Services

While being as significant Wall Street, financial services also include your local banker, the neighborhood insurance agent, and your helpful investment advisor. All of them work together as an industry to provide fundamental services to every economic activity of the nation. We at Tronologix help the world by creating jobs and supporting small to medium businesses. We also aim to serve the community for all their basic needs from buying a car or, private lending, to fulfilling their bigger requirements such as starting up a business or buying a property, or even introducing a new product or service. We help businesses, especially the smaller ones businesses to enable them to grow by providing access to capital, along with insurance protection. We also offer tools essential for their support to help them connect with others for vital resources.


There is a spontaneous and rapid growth noticed in the automotive industry over the past few years. The latest trends of technologies, customers, and developing new markets are enforcing the companies in this industry to outsource their non-core functions and pay attention to building their core capabilities. Tronologix is a reliable IT-BPO services company that has around 15 years of expertise in the field. It has been addressing the needs of the automobile industry including the manufacturers, automobile part suppliers, taxi, and car rental companies, etc. As Tronologix is an efficient BPO service provider, for cross-selling and up-selling, loyalty management, roadside assistance programs, and warranty support up, we offer call center services. Our backend operations comprise of processing forms of automobile purchase, automobile insurance, and car rentals, etc. As we are a part of logistics BPO support services, we offer services for all types of logistics from road freight to ocean shipping.


Retailing via the online market is noticing a rapid growth because of the emerging markets prominent brands, e-commerce start-ups, and an increase in the use of mobile for e-commerce. The experienced online buyer is expecting high quality and well-organized services along with ideal mobile experience. Tronologix is providing contact center solutions and is capable of facilitating e-commerce enterprises by several efficient and exemplary services including:
• Product Information Management: Product data entry, migration, processing, classification, and extraction services, etc.
• Customer Service: Support live chat, email, voice calls, texts for cross-selling and up-selling activities, rapid response to customer queries, etc.
• IT Support: For quality assurance, testing, designing, development for web applications, IT help desk, server, and network monitoring.


Tronologix has established itself as a reliable and trusted outsourcing partner fortelecommunication service providers globally (TSPs). We provide effective and convenient solutions to facilitate you in improving your business growth and satisfying the customers by fulfilling their requirements. Tronologix provides business solutions for VOIP, broadband, ISP, ISDN, PSTN, IPTV enterprises, and mobile telephony. We offer high-quality services with the support of technology and the capabilities of outsourcing. The services that are offered by Tronologix are as follows:
• Wireline enterprises: Cleansing of data, Directory services, Collection and billings, order and fault management, etc.
• Wireless enterprises: Fulfillment of Order, Sales, Assurance of Service, Analytics, and Billing Support.
• Cable companies: Return management, Revenue management among others, Customer service and fulfillment services for broadband provision.

Travel and Leisure

As the desire for travel and leisure services is rapidly growing globally, companies are focusing on building the most advanced business models to enhance customer satisfaction. Airlines are taking initiatives in Inventory distribution, Analytics use, Loyalty, and Frequent flier programs to identify the trends of travel. On the other hand, technology has transformed how travel was commercialized and distributed. Whether it is hospitality and travel, transportation, or tourism, Tronologix as a trusted partner for BPO services oversees all the operations of the travel process including logistics, travel, transport, and hotel booking. We respond to customer queries through communication channels such as email, chat, and phone support. Support our customers in making bookings, reschedules and cancellations, conduct surveys of customer satisfaction, make customer sales, and reservations. Our services also include seat upgrades, exchanges management, fulfillment, refunds, newsletters generation, and PNR Completion.

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